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Why Car Dealers Should Invest in Their Staff

At Click Dealer, we are lucky enough to have managers and directors who believe in their people and provide them with opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Speaking from experience, the more you invest in your staff, the more reward you’ll gain.

If you’re an avid reader of our ‘Meet the Clickers’ blog series, you’ll know that the final question our team members get asked is always “What do you love most about working at Click?” and more often than not, you’ll find that the response will be something along the lines of “the people”, “the support” or “the opportunities for training and progression”.
To have achieved such loyalty in staff is a huge accomplishment for Click Dealer, but it also extremely valuable for the business.

The Benefits of Putting People First

A dealership should be a well-oiled machine, with processes in place to ensure that each customer is treated as well as the next. Don’t take this metaphor too literally though, it is important not to become so mechanical that you neglect the human side of your business. This is what makes your dealership special!

People are always more important than processes, whether those people are your customers or your staff, because after all, they are the reason you are in business! When it comes to revising your business strategies, always take a step back to ensure that they are person-centric rather than process-centric.

When you are recruiting, try to identify individuals who are customer-focused, rather than those who obsess over hitting targets. Staff who care can help you gain loyal customers, and this long-term gratification will be far more beneficial to you than a short-term monthly sales figure.

The Benefits of Improving Wellbeing at Work

Life can throw you curve balls from time to time, so having a support network is important. The automotive charity, Ben, identifies four pillars of health and wellbeing: physical, mental, financial and social health and wellbeing.

Everyone will struggle with one of these at some point in their lives, and their work performance can become affected. As an employer, you are in a position to offer support. Getting to know the members of your workforce and creating a healthy, friendly working environment can make it easier for your employees to seek help when they need it.

I would also recommend raising awareness among staff of Ben. This organisation works to support members of the automotive industry. Happy staff means happy customers!

The Benefits of Staff Training

The benefits of staff training should be fairly clear, and this could involve anything from teaching them about finance and the technical systems you use to instilling your dealership’s unique approach to customer service and sales or giving them the opportunity to learn new skills in marketing for example.

Spending a small amount of time and resources educating your workforce regularly can lead to better customer service and efficiency by creating well-rounded employees who better represent your business.

The trend with all of the above points I have made is that the investment you put into your staff filters down to benefit your customers too, which is a good thing for your business overall.

For more information about how Click Dealer can help with staff training, get in touch via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or 01782 454354. Alternatively, you can send us a message through our contact page. 


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