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In today’s increasingly online climate, consumers need to make their own decisions, after all, it is their purchasing journey. People are used to the high-levels of customer service experienced on Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce giants and the automotive world is beginning to catch-up with the transactional standards expected today.

That’s why with Click Dealer’s award-winning online retailing and lead management platform, ClickEngage™, consumers can choose to complete the whole of the journey online or just a small segment. It’s all about giving them the tools to self-serve and do things in their own time and in a manner which suits them best.

ClickEngage™ can be utilised on any dealership’s website, franchise or independent, through the use of technical integration and the forward-thinking development of open APIs. The platform may be customised for consumers to complete their full vehicle buying journey online including: data capture, part-ex, finance, add-on deal stacking and even reserving their vehicle. Alternatively, dealers can strip the product back to just include one or a few of those functions, whichever is felt to be the best fit for their customers or business setup.

Whilst giving consumers the perception that they’re in full control of their own journey, by providing an array of options to cater to their wants and needs, dealers are actually the masters of their own destiny, because they can see the full picture of everything they do, due to the sheer transparency of ClickEngage™.

If a consumer looks at part-exchanging multiple vehicles, different finance options and views a variety of vehicles, through ClickEngage™, dealerships will know about it and can cater packages to better suit prospective customer’s needs, a very powerful position to be in indeed.

Dealers can take a more customer-centric approach than ever because of the visibility given to them by ClickEngage™, enquiry information drops straight into their DMS and details a customer’s journey through the platform in terms of their part-ex, add-on and finance interactions. It gives the dealer full visibility and if used effectively, can make a really positive impact on processes and ultimately the bottom line.

London Motor Company Owner, Spencer Kent, said: “Since going live on ClickEngage™ I’ve been able to improve my sales process no-end, simply because of the level of transparency I now have for my online enquiries.

“It makes life easier if you already know what part-ex customers want to use in a deal or even their thoughts when it comes to finance and stacking add-ons, as it puts you at an immediate advantage when negotiating the best package.

ClickEngage™ is ever evolving, since we signed-up there have been various updates and improvements, Click Dealer really have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in this industry, they’re master innovators and a joy to work with.”

Dan Kirby, Owner of Trade Price Cars in Essex is also a huge advocate of ClickEngage™ and claims that it has saved him days in admin time per week as well as improving conversion for his dealership: “My conversion numbers have really rocketed since implementing ClickEngage™ on my website, the enquiries come in at all hours and the system automatically replies with quality content, it’s terrific!

“We can see how users have interacted with finance options online, which ultimately means we can customise the perfect deal for them before they’ve even turned up at the showroom. It’s helped to join the journey up for the customers who want to complete in the showroom and provide great data for the sales team to get the deal over the line.

“Click Dealer has really hit the sweet spot with ClickEngage™, they’ve thought of everything and it’s now a tried and tested formula. Our customers can do as little or as much as they want online, so we can give them the best of both worlds, whatever makes them feel comfortable to make their decision to buy.”

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